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Croatian cultural association Napredak was formed from the Croatian association for assistance of pupils of middle and high schools of Bosnia – Herzegovina, founded in Mostar 14th September 1902, and Croatian association for guidance of pupils in craft and business, founded in Sarajevo 11th November 1902. In 1904. to the Sarajevo association the suffix name Napredak is added and since both assocations had almost identical goals and duties, to help pupils and students, in 1907. they merge and go ba the one name Napredak.

Napredak, before being closed out in 1949., educated and helped educate around 16 000 pupils and students, including two Nobel prize winners – Ivo Andrić and Vladimir Prelog, and painters G. Jurkić and I. Mujezinović, poet N. Šop and many other famous personas. Regularly from 1908. to 1947. the Croatian national calendar was published, and from 1921. monthly magazine Napredak. In the year 1923. Napredak Society was founded which was also a savings bank and an insurance group. Napredak in various periods had up to 120 follow – ups and more credentials in total of 440 places. The largest number of members Napredak had in 1942 – 20684 members. So on 29th of September 1990. in Sarajevo the Revivial conference of CCA Napredak was held. Napredak today has 20000 members, 77 follow-ups and 10 credentialas all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Europe and America. From 1990. to today Napredak gave around 2000 students and pupil schollarships, and organized around 3400 dufferent manifestations. Since the reconstruction in 1990. to today it published 15 Croatian national calendars, over 350 books including the reissue of the capital History of BiH from the oldest times to 1463. Within the Napredak structure today operate the following: two radio stations – Vrhbosna in Sarajevo and Radio Bobovac in Vareš; Sport association Napredak, Football club SAŠK Napredak, Croatian mountain society Bjelašnica 1923, five chess clubs, 19 folklor groups, 10 tambourine orchestras, 12 assemblies, two music schools, three magazines, Assocation of artists and designers, Croatian music association, and many other assocations. Napredak also has a liberary with around 30000 books. Croatiana cultural association Napredak has since it’s foundation in 1902. to today become and stayed an intersection of cultural and intelectual life of Croats, and many others from this region.

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